MD’S Note

Dear Parents,

It is my greatest delight to welcome you and your ward(s) to IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE (ILC), an Institution which is synonymous with Excellence and Illumination. At ILC, we maintain a balance between education and play, learning and leisure, obedience and freedom, safety and autonomy. We are endowed at IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE, with sound, well dedicated, qualified and highly skilled staff whose desires are to provide the children with required basic education capable of transforming them into future leaders. With illuminating minds, our students are prepared to become knowledgeable citizens as we focus on learning and integrity. We operate open door policy where parents or guardians have access to the School Management. Our overwhelming successes recorded over the years at our Primary Section – LITTLE LIGHTS SCHOOL are our eloquent testimonies of academic excellence. Charles Darwin once said in his book, Theory of Evolution, 1859 that, “it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives but the one that is most adaptive to change”. At Imperial Lights College, we allow our students to develop open minds to adapt to the changes in our society. At IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE, we focus on giving our students the right attitudes and skills to prepare them for the future. Our environment is conducive, inspiring and safe for swift learning and our students are exposed to both Local and International examinations guided by world class and highly sophisticated instructional materials. On behalf of the Chairman and the management of IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE, I welcome you to this noble college and wish you all the very best. MOTTO: "Illuminating Minds".