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Welcome to (ILC)

Welcome to Imperial Lights College

Imperial Lights College, Lagos. is an Independent Co-educational day school providing qualitative as well as a high standard education for post primary school students.

We offer a broad and balanced education within an excellent, caring and happy environment. Our Scheme of work is an integration of both the British and Nigerian work plan.

Mr. Olajide S. Aliu - Principal

Mr. Olajide S. Aliu

Introduction: Global Leadership landscape and the general educational systems are fast changing, and the 21st century schools alike are not immune to the varied changes that our worlds' advancement regularly presents

To envision the future of sound educational management and administration in strenght and opportunities to proffer systems' solutions for a 21st century school can be challenging yet feasible ; knowing that the organized private educational sector in Nigeria is a home of restoration that parents embrace to circumvent the decline in general schools system and the desire for high quality educational attainment for thier children. As a result, there is a need for the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) for qualitative education in teaching and learning.

This and lots more are our concern at Imperial lights college, to illuminate the minds of our learners to the possibilities of becoming a global leader in thier generation. I welcome you to our school