1. Individualized Learning

We believe that every child is a genius as such; we take our time to discover the uniqueness of every child.

2.Sound and highly experienced team

if you are looking for where competence, care and commitment are integrated in the right proportion, you will definitely find it in our team. Our academic staff members are experts drawn from well-known colleges with impressive track records of success and reputable years of experience.

3. Excellent blend of the British and Nigerian Curriculum

Our scheme of work is an integration of both the British and Nigerian work-plan. Our students seat for both the Local and International examinations like NECO, Checkpoint, WASSCE, SATT/TOEFL and IGCSE.

4. Inspiring, safe and fascinating Learning Environment:

An attractive and excellent learnng environment, enhances and stimulates learning; we have intentionally and carefully created a conducive and safe environment that supports and facilitates learning.

5. World-Class teaching aids

Our classrooms and laboratories are fully packed with relevant equipments and apparatus, which makes learning practicable, fast, easy and fun.

6. Extra-Curricular

In as much as we believe in our children's academic background we are also very keen on co-curricular activities so as to foster team work and build confidence in every of our students.

7. Technology

We are big on the use of Information technology for and with our students in finding their daily academic solutions.

8. Diversity

We proactively make efforts to attract students from a wide range of socio-economic background. Our common denominator is that we want our students to learn and come from families which support their desire to learn.

9. Academia

Our academic programs are designed to reflect creativity, flexibility and uniqueness to promote and encourage entrepreneurship.

10. Affordable tuition fee

Our value propositions exceed what we charge. Our payment plan is affordable and burden-free.