Chairman’s Note

Imperial Lights College:

Our goal is to illuminate the minds of our students; this ideology is found in our vision and mission statements. It encourages everyone at IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE from the students, staff, our champions and supporters. We believe that every child deserves a high quality education and moral values in their life time. Providing ample educational opportunities is one of the most fundamental obligations each generation owes the ones that follow. As we equally know, education has the full attention of the world. We are gender friendly and not racial in our recruitment and admission policies. We believe in equality of students, with efficiency and excellent educational standard as obtainable in our college. Also, we have provided tools today that were unimaginable a generation ago, in the form of learning technologies, excellent instructors and new insights into how the brain develops and functions, which together could change the very nature of teaching and learning. With a good sense of mentorship, leadership and innovation after over a decade in the primary section – LITTLE LIGHTS SCHOOL, IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE is prepared to take on the world and build future global leaders. We believe in the principle of multiple intelligence which will change the way we see ourselves, our students and our teachers. We are also poised to make a genuine difference in the world of our students. We are located within the finest and serene environment which gives us unrivaled opportunities. With our students unmatched anywhere in the environment, we are diverse in our outlook and our approach, beholden not to any ideology but to a fierce desire to discover, innovate – and help implement – what works and inculcate the “can do” attitudes in our students. With opportunity comes responsibility, and with the help and contribution of the IMPERIAL LIGHTS COLLEGE team, we will begin the next chapter in the life of an education school that has been, and will continue to be, like successful colleges. Together, we will learn to change the world. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your support.