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    Achieving academic excellence is predictable; it’s an equation you have to work out by yourself.

    S represents Study: This is the time and effort you personally commit to reading your book daily.

    T represents Tutoring: This is the lessons you receive from teachers either in school or at home.

    D represents Distractions: Social media, TV, Parties, Phones, Unserious friends are in this group.

    E represents Excellence: The output is excellent academic performance

     This is the equation that turns under-achieving students to high-flyers.

           “You are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the RESULTS you get in LIFE”.   Jack Canfield

    The first step to getting the things you want out of life is to decide what you want. It starts with a decision to be the best. One of the main reasons why most students don’t get what they want is that, they haven’t decided what they want. They haven’t defined their desires in clear and compelling details.

    Inside “You” is that tiny seed of greatness. You may have buried that seed in response to your parents, teachers, other adult role models and your peers as you grow older. You started out as a baby knowing exactly what you wanted. You knew when you were hungry, you spit out the food you didn’t like and devoured the ones you did. You had no trouble expressing your needs and wants. You simply cried out loudly – until you got what you wanted. You were clear about what you wanted and headed towards it with no fear.

    Somewhere along the way, you heard words like…

    You don’t really want that!

    You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Eat everything on your plate whether you like it or not.

    You can’t have everything you want simply because you want it

    Can’t you think of anybody but yourself?

    After many years of hearing these sanctions, most of us lost touch of ourselves. We got stuck trying to figure out what other people wanted us to do. You have to start by not making these statements: “I don’t know, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter to me, or whatever.”

                                            Take Action Now!

                         Responsibility = Response + I + Ability

    Whenever you respond to your ability, you are being responsible. You must be intentional about what you want and be willing to do what it takes to achieve the result. Let’s take a look at our success equation:

    (S + T) – D = E

    • Study (S): This is your personal plan to study daily. Personal study account for 70% of your success while tutoring by teachers or any other person only accounts for 30%. The reason is that, reading or studying helps you to develop your brain cells. Even if it is 1hour or 2hours you can do daily, it’s fine! What matters is you making sure you engage in it, daily. I will advise that you consider early morning reading. Your brain is still fresh and assimilation is easier and faster.  You should also consider taking a nap after school for like an hour or more and read whatever you did in school for that day. You cannot achieve academic excellence without engaging in daily study.
    • Tutoring (T): This is the lesson you are being taught either in school or by your lesson teacher at home. This only accounts for 30% of your success. How you can achieve this 30% is by ensuring you pay attention to your teacher either in school or at home.
    • Free your mind: Whenever you are with them. Only think about what you are being taught. Don’t allow your mind to be drifted from the class. Make sure you pay undivided attention while in class.
    • Ask questions: Don’t be too shy to ask questions on the topic you are being taught which you do not understand. It is your right to ask question and don’t be ashamed to do so. Your parents paid for that lesson. Be polite when asking questions.
    • Jot down key points: You should always have a note pad aside your regular school notes where you pen down key and useful points during classes or lessons.
    • Distractions (D): This is your biggest obstacles hindering you from achieving academic excellence. In today’s world, there is distraction all around you. Distraction is any activity competing with your time of study. Distraction ranges from spending time on social media platforms, chatting with friends for hours, partying regularly or any other negative activity you are addicted to. Some distractions are positive activities done excessively like listening to music or watching the TV.

    Muyiwa Otunuyi


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